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Knowing and Being

I’m writing a book called “Knowing and Being”, which aims to provide readers with a safe path through the complexities of the 21st Century.

The book provides a simplified summary of how all of us humans work (Knowing).
With each Knowing you will be invited to explore more deeply your own internal journey (Being) by thinking about the important relationships in your life.
Especially the relationships within yourself – between your body, feelings and thoughts.
Once you Know about these and are able to treat them with care and respect, you will find it easier to deal with all your other important relationships – family, friends, workmates, money and possessions.

You will also become aware of many other relationships, including some that you may not think about until there is a problem.
For example – the relationship between you now, you in the past and in the future.
You will be invited to explore (Know) who you were in the past. That relationship with Past you is fundamental to who you are now, and why you habitually choose to do what you do.

How would it be if you now (Present You) decided to commit today to becoming a stronger and happier you (Future You)?

This dance of Knowing and Being leading to greater internal strength and happiness is the process that is on offer in this book.

The book is planned for publication in early 2025.


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